Nothing Is Forgotten

This graffiti is at the intersection of Mashtots and Grigor Lusavorich Streets.
The two armed men are depicted in the stance very similar to that of the army gunmen of the infamous March 1 video.

Guerilla graffiti


Statement by Young People Living in Europe

free_tigranBelow statement has been submitted to the Armenian Embassy in Brussels. The full version of the statement in different languages and with signatures can be accessed here.

“We, the undersigned and the representatives of the young society, living in Europe, want to express our deep concern on the illegal actions performed against the young opposition to the government of Republic of Armenia during last months. The peak was the arrest of Tigran Arakelyan, the young activist of Armenian National Congress.

Bringing faked charges, when the victim suddenly becomes a suspect and then turns into a defendant is more typical to the most backward countries of the third world. Unfortunately, especially during the last years, the government of the Republic of Armenia do all not to stay away from these countries but to go along with them.

We strictly condemn the illegal actions of the government of RA and strongly recommend that the government stop violence against the young activists of opposition, otherwise, these issues will have to be raised at European highest echelon (authorities), which, we are sure, is not favorable with the established illegal regime in Armenia.”

Tigran Arakelyan stops hunger strike

Member of the youth wing of the Armenian National Congress (HAK), Tigran Arkelian, taken under custody since July 5, issued a statement.

“I was illegally detained on July 5 on alleged charges of hooliganism. In reality, I was distributing flyers informing about a July 2 opposition rally sanctioned by the Yerevan City Hall.

Just at that moment we were attacked by a group of bandits in plainclothes.

On July 6, I went on a hunger sign in protest of my illegal detention. Later in the day, my friends Karen Karapetian, Narek Aivazian, Sargis Gevorgian, Sargis Khachatrian, Arakel Semirjian, Arayik Mirzoyan and Gor Sargsian joined the hunger strike with a demand to release me.

Taking into consideration the fact that I was detained for two months and being concerned about my friends’ health condition I stop the hunger strike and urge my friends follow my example.

Our struggle is incontestable and our victory inevitable.

We shall win,” runs the statement.

Detention was selected as Tigran Arakelyan’s measure of restraint

Facebook Group has been set up in support of Tigran Arakelyan

facebook_logoPlease join the newly opened Facebook Group in support of Tigran Arakelyan who was detained on 5th of July by Armenian Police based on the fabricated case of hooliganism.

The group is titled “Release Tigran Arakelyan – The Youngest Political Prisoner in Armenia” and can be accessed here.

Please note that you should be subscribed with Facebook to be able to join the group.

He joined Tigran Arakelyan’s hunger strike

Chairman of the Armenian Pan-national Movement Party’s youth wing (correction by himaarmenia) Karen Karapetyan has also joined youth wing member Tigran Arakelyan’s hunger strike.

Tigran Arakelyan was arrested on July 5 for assaulting policemen while distributing flyers on Abovyan Street on July 1.

Tigran Arakelyan declared a hunger strike yesterday.

“These authorities think that they can scare the rest by arresting the most active members. I joined Tigran today and the rest will join later. We will fight as long as it takes for us to establish order in this country,” said Karen Karapetyan to “A1+”.

He realizes that the hunger strike is a method and cannot have any impact on the authorities, but Karen is ready to continue the hunger strike as long as Tigran Arakelyan is in prison.

“With this hunger strike, we are expressing our complaints for the illegal actions against Tigran Arakelyan and the others, generally speaking.”

Karen Karapetyan has declared a hunger strike near the Armenian National Congress administration building where the photos of other policemen who beat the youth spreading the word about the rally on Abovyan Street. Tigran Arakelyan and two other ANC activists were beaten and transferred ot the Nor-Nork hospital, while Tigran Arakelyan was taken to the Police central headquarters. After a 72-hour arrest, Tigran Arakelyan will either be released or be charged. Tomorrow marks 72 hours since his arrest.

Source – A1+

“We shall obtain justice.”

Armenian MP Khachatur Sukiasian issued the following statement today:

Dear compatriots

As you know on March 4, 2008 the National Assembly met the motion of the Prosecutor General and agreed to my arrest under Article 225 (mass disorders accompanied by assassination) and Article 300 (usurpation of state power).

But thanks to some influential structures, in particular to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the authorities had to decriminalize the aforesaid norms which previously enabled them to chase a person for his political stance. Later the authorities declared an amnesty and released my colleagues.

Under the amnesty bill people under search will be amnestied if they turn themselves in by July 31, 2009.

I don’t fear surrender as I have committed no crime.

By reviewing the charged instituted against my friends and me and declaring an amnesty, the authorities reconfirmed that we had been under persecution.

Furthermore, when reviewing the charges brought against me the Prosecutor General was to receive Parliament’s consent according to Article 66 of the Constitution. The consent was necessary in the future, during our groundless arrest. Thus, criminal prosecution was filed against me without depriving me of deputy’s immunity. It means today I can walk freely in my city with no policeman trying to stop me. The National Assembly must not let illegal steps against my personality.

The authorities supposedly ignored PACE Resolution 1677and now long for my detention. I am not a bit concerned over this. I am determined to struggle till the end for the restoration of our people’s rights and freedoms and I am convinced that we shall obtain justice.”

Translation from A1+