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He joined Tigran Arakelyan’s hunger strike

Chairman of the Armenian Pan-national Movement Party’s youth wing (correction by himaarmenia) Karen Karapetyan has also joined youth wing member Tigran Arakelyan’s hunger strike.

Tigran Arakelyan was arrested on July 5 for assaulting policemen while distributing flyers on Abovyan Street on July 1.

Tigran Arakelyan declared a hunger strike yesterday.

“These authorities think that they can scare the rest by arresting the most active members. I joined Tigran today and the rest will join later. We will fight as long as it takes for us to establish order in this country,” said Karen Karapetyan to “A1+”.

He realizes that the hunger strike is a method and cannot have any impact on the authorities, but Karen is ready to continue the hunger strike as long as Tigran Arakelyan is in prison.

“With this hunger strike, we are expressing our complaints for the illegal actions against Tigran Arakelyan and the others, generally speaking.”

Karen Karapetyan has declared a hunger strike near the Armenian National Congress administration building where the photos of other policemen who beat the youth spreading the word about the rally on Abovyan Street. Tigran Arakelyan and two other ANC activists were beaten and transferred ot the Nor-Nork hospital, while Tigran Arakelyan was taken to the Police central headquarters. After a 72-hour arrest, Tigran Arakelyan will either be released or be charged. Tomorrow marks 72 hours since his arrest.

Source – A1+


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  1. […] gone on hunger strike and that the chairperson of the extra-parliamentary opposition youth wing has joined him in the action. Sentence has not been passed and the activist has been detained for two months pending final […]

  2. […] that the chairperson of the main political party in the extra-parliamentary opposition coalition has joined him in the action. Sentence has not been passed and the activist has been detained for two months pending final […]

  3. […] Yesterday, on Friday, 14th of August young members of Aremnian National Congress (ANC) and particularly members of HIMA and Hatuk Gund youth intiatives organized a youth demonstration in support of Tigran Arakelyan – opposition young activist – who was detained on 5th of July (Day of Constitution) based on the fabricated charges of hooliganism (more about the case here and here). […]

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