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Krönika: Kreativ kamp i motvind (Sweden) – Chronicle: Creative struggles in adversity (translated by Google)

LevonTerPetrosian gave speeches to entuasiastisk audience of the opposition political rally May 1 outside the Matenadaran in Yerevan

2009-05-29 | Sunday, May 31 held borgmästarval in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital. Candidate makes the opposition leader Levon TerPetrossian, which last year lost the presidential elections that led to 10 deaths of demonstrators and political crisis. The political situation in Armenia is tense, every other day there are reports of repression, the past is that a journalist and a lawyer to a political prisoner nearly beaten up to death.

Major threats to the election are the clean and pink cheating in the vote count, but also bought votes, which is not difficult in a country with high unemployment and widespread poverty.

After last year’s presidential election ended the political crisis in Armenia. Serzh Sargysan was declared the winner of the election, a result that was considered by many as cheating. Thousands of people in Yerevan showed their displeasure in a massive their demo station. The 10 days long demonstration ended abruptly when, unfortunately, confrontation between police and demonstrators took place, 10 people were killed and martial law was called. TerPetrosian was the presidential candidate who received the second most votes in presidential elections in 2008 and he is now leader of the opposition, gathered under the name of Armenian National Congress.

It was TerPetrosian which urged its supporters to take up the peaceful protest ended in tragedy. Then the police and military presence trapp was up he asked them instead repeatedly to go home and begin “the long and stubborn struggle” they now had in front of them, referring to Gandhi.

After the drama that followed the election, the political opposition grew, the Armenians have become more politically active and looking for new expressions of their dissatisfaction. Network Hima (which means “now” in Armenian) is an example, with urgency, and self-sacrifice uppfinnigstrikt work fighting the peaceful principles as the basis for the liberation of political prisoners and win back the rights and freedoms restricted in Armenia during the last year. They believe in civil resistance, power superiority over the use of force.

The frightened atmosphere that prevailed during the month of March last year, Hima saw a need to do something to mitigate the widespread fear. Once the emergency ended and it was once again allowed at all, with special restrictions, gathered in groups in public places was Hima to work. Their first action consisted of a “Neuro Linguistic marathon of solid walking.” The action was to run from the National Essembly to the place where ten people died. The very name was certainly the most important component, it was invented with inspiration from the present government’s claim that the opposition during the demonstration have been influenced by the Neuro Lingustic Psycos. The correct word is “programming” and not “psycos”. They also used the words drugs, zombies, and witches to describe opposition supporters.

Hima is a loosely bound movement, with 60 active members. Jointly have the they want to get rid of the current president, but they support all the different replacements. Many are children or relatives of political prisoners. They have no formal organization, it would be immediately dangerous to them. Two of their most active members have been assaulted by the police when they suspect them of being the leader of the organization – only to realize that there is no. Contact between the active through the spread the word and mail list. When asked about where they get their inspiration from the answers surprised “We had no inspiration, we had a need.” They agree however, that Gandhi is a role model for them. They do not want to replace violence with violence.
By using non-violent means are the Levon TerPetrosian call.

Birthday Gifts and football game
A non-public demonstration, but nonetheless an example of one of Himas ingenious ideas was to give the president a birthday present. He should have been surprised and angry to find a copy of the Armenian Constitution and a alfabetsbok of children among his other gifts. Hima suspect that because the president is constantly acting contrary to the Constitution, he may never have read it, or he can not read! In the Constitution they had written the “textbook view” and the textbook “with hope”.

They certify that despite the gravity is also funny, as when they organized a football match. One team consisted of political prisoners and the other by the police (påhejade of politicians and judges). Playing judges used entirely at random his red and yellow cards on which the two paragraphs in which most political opponents convicted. The political prisoners were allowed of course to win. The event attracted, among others, to the opposition newspapers published only on the internet, they read, inter alia, to a large part of the armenska diaspora, which has influence and money.

Hima says that it is their duty to do injustice heard, on the grounds that Armenia can never be a “true” democracy without civil society, they also point out that as soon as they become of the Sargysan several of them to continue to belong to the opposition because they do not prefer TerPetrosian and to criticism is always needed.

Although the conditions for political change in the near future does not look so great, then at least one major public debate with more young people than before. Himas and other opposition groups, courage and perseverance will hopefully inspire more to dare to express their disapproval. Democracy means democracy. Violence, as the current president uses to secure his power, kills not only human lives, it also leaves the legitimacy bleeding in those who use it to achieve success. Real legitimacy can only come from people active medtyckande.

Cecilia Bruzelius
– Trainee of Woman to Woman organization Democracy Today in Armenia


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