Opposition march today and proposal to the Secretary General CoE

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Armenian National Congress Press Release

On December 28th at 2:00 pm, there will be a press conference given by ANC coordinator Levon Zurabyan, Head of the Nikol Pashinyan’s election headquarters Davit Matevosyan, and representative of the ANC central office Vladimir Karapetyan.  The press conference will take place at the central office of the Armenian National Congress.

The topic of the press conference will be the December 27th attack on HAK supporters who were campaigning for Nikol Pashinyan, candidate for District 10 Parliamentary position.

The address is 19A, Koryun, 4th floor.

Urgent! 5 were beaten

Today, December 27, 2009, at around 5:30 pm, in the courtyard near the buildings at Toumanyan and Nalbandyan streets (“Boxi Hayat”), HAK youth activists for Nikol Pashinyan’s election campaign were approached by a small gang of undesirables, who demanded that the youths stop their election campaigning. When the gang’s illegitimate demand was denied, they attacked the youths, beating them with their fists and with metal pipes.

Vahagn Gevorgyan, Sahak Muradyan, Sargis Gevorgyan, Tevos Matevosyan and Sergey Gasparyan were transported to a hospital with varying degrees of bodily injuries (mostly with lacerations and contusions, the result of blows by metal objects). Vladimir Karapetyan, representative of the central office of the HAK, also suffered injuries at the scene.

He joined Tigran Arakelyan’s hunger strike

Chairman of the Armenian Pan-national Movement Party’s youth wing (correction by himaarmenia) Karen Karapetyan has also joined youth wing member Tigran Arakelyan’s hunger strike.

Tigran Arakelyan was arrested on July 5 for assaulting policemen while distributing flyers on Abovyan Street on July 1.

Tigran Arakelyan declared a hunger strike yesterday.

“These authorities think that they can scare the rest by arresting the most active members. I joined Tigran today and the rest will join later. We will fight as long as it takes for us to establish order in this country,” said Karen Karapetyan to “A1+”.

He realizes that the hunger strike is a method and cannot have any impact on the authorities, but Karen is ready to continue the hunger strike as long as Tigran Arakelyan is in prison.

“With this hunger strike, we are expressing our complaints for the illegal actions against Tigran Arakelyan and the others, generally speaking.”

Karen Karapetyan has declared a hunger strike near the Armenian National Congress administration building where the photos of other policemen who beat the youth spreading the word about the rally on Abovyan Street. Tigran Arakelyan and two other ANC activists were beaten and transferred ot the Nor-Nork hospital, while Tigran Arakelyan was taken to the Police central headquarters. After a 72-hour arrest, Tigran Arakelyan will either be released or be charged. Tomorrow marks 72 hours since his arrest.

Source – A1+

Letter to Co-rapporteurs


Co-rapporteurs, Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (Monitoring Committee)

Dear Mr. Colombier,
Dear Mr. Prescott,

On July 1, Nikol Pashinian, editor of the leading Armenian newspaper Haikakan Jamanak (Armenian Times) and one of the leaders of Armenian National Congress turned himself in to the Special Investigation Service (SIS).  Then he was transferred to a prison of the National Security Service.

On July 2, law enforcement authorities requested the court to sanction the pre-trial detention of Mr. Pashinian. It is not the first time that the Armenian authorities ignoring a specific provision of the PACE Resolution 1677, also disregard their own position expressed by the voting in support of the same Resolution. Moreover, by his speech in the Assembly the speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, in effect, expressed his endorsement of the Resolution adopted just a few minutes prior to his statement.

As you are very well aware, Article 5.3 of the Resolution 1677 states that Armenian authorities should “allow the persons concerned (in hiding) to remain free pending the duration of their trial if they present themselves to the authorities before 31 July 2009.”

During the rally of the Armenian National Congress on July 2 the leaders of the Congress and former political prisoners paid tribute to the work done by international organizations under the leadership of the PACE for the release of almost 30 political prisoners. We also acknowledge your personal efforts in pressing authorities to declare amnesty.

Being committed to recommendations you initiate as co-rapporteurs, we are requesting you to express your position on the disgraceful action of the Armenian authorities.

Best regards,

Georgi Avetisian

Coordinator, Youth Council, Armenian National Congress,