March, attack, arrest, sit-in, march, arrest

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Detention was selected as Tigran Arakelyan’s measure of restraint

Facebook Group has been set up in support of Tigran Arakelyan

facebook_logoPlease join the newly opened Facebook Group in support of Tigran Arakelyan who was detained on 5th of July by Armenian Police based on the fabricated case of hooliganism.

The group is titled “Release Tigran Arakelyan – The Youngest Political Prisoner in Armenia” and can be accessed here.

Please note that you should be subscribed with Facebook to be able to join the group.

Young Oppositional Activist Has Been Arrested (updated)

tikoToday young oppositional activist Tigran Arakelyan has been arrested by the Armenian Police based on the fabricated charge for hooliganism.

On 1 July 2009 about 15 policemen in civilian dressing attacked with guns about 30 young oppositional activists who distributed leaflets informing upcoming upcoming opposition rally to be held on 2 July 2009 in Yerevan. 3 of them were severally beaten and taken to the hospital Surb Grigor Lusavorich.

Now they fabricated a criminal case of hooliganism and arrested one of the beaten young activists.

Please spread the word about this evident act of injustice and disrespect of basic human rights by the Armenian authorities.

Today (06.07.2009) from 9:00 Tigran Arakelyan went on a hunger-strike.