Opposition march today and proposal to the Secretary General CoE

Videos: A1+, Tert.am

Proposal text: Lragir.am


Statement by Young People Living in Europe

free_tigranBelow statement has been submitted to the Armenian Embassy in Brussels. The full version of the statement in different languages and with signatures can be accessed here.

“We, the undersigned and the representatives of the young society, living in Europe, want to express our deep concern on the illegal actions performed against the young opposition to the government of Republic of Armenia during last months. The peak was the arrest of Tigran Arakelyan, the young activist of Armenian National Congress.

Bringing faked charges, when the victim suddenly becomes a suspect and then turns into a defendant is more typical to the most backward countries of the third world. Unfortunately, especially during the last years, the government of the Republic of Armenia do all not to stay away from these countries but to go along with them.

We strictly condemn the illegal actions of the government of RA and strongly recommend that the government stop violence against the young activists of opposition, otherwise, these issues will have to be raised at European highest echelon (authorities), which, we are sure, is not favorable with the established illegal regime in Armenia.”

Weapon X – Time for a Change

Iranian-American rapper Weapon X put out a new song about the events in Iran. Watch the video: